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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Starting off with a group of 2 (Longhao and San Xuin), NUS Quantitative Finance (QFS) is established because of the enthusiastic individuals that aim to build a community that benefits anyone interested in quantitative finance. Our society will serve as an interest group where students can find like-minded peers to discuss the different aspects of quantitative finance, hence inculcating a sense of belonging among quantitative finance majors, as well as promoting the knowledge within students from different backgrounds. QFS also undertakes the responsibility of exposing members of the NUS community to quantitative finance by encouraging participation in our activities.

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Our Mission

Our priority is to organise and coordinate activities that will display and highlight the utility and practicality of quantitative finance. We intend to accomplish this by hosting a one-of-a-kind, beneficial and tailored quantitative finance-related events in NUS to meet the diverse needs of quantitative finance students. Our primary activities include organising seminars and talks by industry professionals, special projects to raise awareness of quantitative finance, and networking sessions that offer opportunities for students to meet up with industry leaders. In the future, we aim to hold special events for stock pitches and trading competitions, corporate mingling, guest speakers, and alumni networking. There will be collaboration within investment banks to provide undergraduates with insights into how quantitative finance students can play a significant role in such a competitive industry.
Our activities provide an accurate value add for all quantitative finance majors in terms of seeking like-minded peers, career development and developing networks. As a student society promoting the spread of this field of study, we hope that we can provide an enriching experience and rewarding outcomes for all members.

Meet The Team

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