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Our Values


We strive for nothing less than excellence, consistently aiming for and achieving outstanding performance and results for our group, the larger NUS community, and society. By aiming for excellence, we hope to excel in all spheres of our activities, achieving exceptional levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of our potential stakeholders.


We value collaboration and diversity to cultivate a culture that promotes inclusiveness, teamwork, and a striving for excellence mindset. Our goal is to foster meaningful and long-lasting relationships among members of the QFS community. We believe that these bonds created will enable our members to catalyze each other’s growth and achieve greater ambitions together. 


Our forefront asset is our members. We treasure every talent of our society and consider every idea. With our network and resources, we assist talented and passionate individuals in conceptualizing and implementing their ideas. We value every effort our members make and ensure that no one is left behind.

Incorporating our society into the larger NUS student community is crucial for the continuous operation of our society. As a result, we intend to increase our exposure among the NUS student community and host many events. Moreover, we want to build long-term relationships with our partners to create lasting values and benefits for both parties. As a result, we must operate at a high level of excellence to meet the expectations of our partners.
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